Acosta, M. D., Watkins, J. M., Reed, M. H., Donovan, J. J., & DePaolo, D. J. (2020). Ti-in-quartz: Evaluating the role of kinetics in high temperature crystal growth experiments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Mustoe, G and Acosta, M., Origin of Petrified Wood Color. Geosciences (Switzerland), 2016.

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Acosta, Marisa D., Reed, Mark H., and Watkins, James. Mottled Cathodoluminescent Textures in Hydrothermal Vein Quartz in the Butte Porphyry Cu deposit caused by Dynamic Recrystallization: Implications for Quartz Vein Formation. In prep.

University of Oregon

Department of Earth Sciences

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