• Marisa Acosta

The Butte Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

A world-class ore deposit and natural laboratory. My work in Butte is focused on the fundamental processes that form quartz veins and how those relate to deposit-scale features.

Spectacular View of the Continental Pit

Known as "The Richest Hill on Earth" the Butte deposit has been mined and studied for over 100 years now. First worked as placer deposits, then an underground operation, Butte is now an open pit mine owned by the Washington Company's Montana Resources.

Thanks to Montana Resources' dedication to giving back to the community, I was able to spend an amazing summer as an intern in the Butte mine. Any geologist will tell you that their first field site defined them as a scientist, and that is definitely true for me.

In Butte, I was able to map alteration, collect samples from the pit and from historic core, and enjoy the many historical sites of Butte, America.

I'll be headed back for a bit this summer to collect samples from the peripheral zones of the deposit (and to see friends:).


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