• Marisa Acosta


I'm still mostly writing, but have been finding time to maintain my sanity by visiting the lab.

I changed the backgrounds on the CSPVs to a "cold seal" and a "pressure vessel" (because experimental petrology is cool and fun).

Preparing an experiment via FIB for TEM analysis (I'm interested in identifying the TiO2 polymorph shown as medium-grey blebs in the BSE cross-section above). I rarely use the Helios SEM shown above, as it does not have a cathodoluminescent (CL) detector and the Quanta works well for *most* geological samples.

For example, all of my experiments are analyzed on the Quanta promptly upon extraction. Shown above is a SEM-BSE image of a quartz crystal dotted with residual silica spheres (put into the capsule as a source of SiO2).


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