• Marisa Acosta

3D Reconstructions of Growth Surfaces

Part of a research project that I am involved in requires 3D reconstructions of epitaxially grown crystal surfaces and the quantification of surface roughness. The data is beautiful!

Firstly, overview images of the surface of interest were acquired. The surfaces consisted of calcite crystals that had been dissolved with a 0.5M HCl solution for 10 seconds. As seen below, quite a bit of hummocky topography was created.

Dissolution created ravines on the surface.

After that had been done, a series of images were acquired at different magnifications and tilts. 3D reconstructions and surface roughness profiles were then made:

The image above is a topographic reconstruction of an imaged surface. Below is that same image with digitized lines along which profiles were constructed.

Subsequent data refer to the dashed line in the image above.

Abbot-Firestone curves were then constructed

And additional roughness parameters were calculated:

CREDIT : Molly Pickerel, a former undergraduate in our lab and incoming PhD student at the University of New Mexico- Las Vegas, performed the reconstructions and we worked together to collect the images. Crystal growth experiments were performed by Ellen Olsen.


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