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I am a post-doctoral Earth Scientist at the University of Lausanne working on skarn deposit formation processes. My interests include electron microscopy, crystallography and mineralogy, and material chemistry.

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and reading next to my cat. I enjoy long hikes in the forest identifying fungi and taking care of my exotic orchid collection.



  1. Acosta, M.D., Reed, M.H., & Watkins, J.M.(2022). Quartz Vein Formation and Deformation during Porphyry Cu Deposit Formation: A Microstructural and Geochemical Analysis of the Butte, Montana, Ore Deposit.

  2. Acosta, M. D., Watkins, J. M., Reed, M. H., Donovan, J. J., & DePaolo, D. J. (2020). Ti-in-quartz: Evaluating the role of kinetics in high temperature crystal growth experiments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

  3. Mustoe, G., & Acosta, M.D. (2016). Origin of petrified wood color. Geosciences, 6(2), 25.

In Revision

  1. Acosta, M.D., Olsen, E.K.,  & Pickerel, M.M., Influence of substrate roughness on calcite epitaxial growth morphology and Sr incorporation. Submitted to Chemical Geology January 2023, In Revision April 2023.

In Preparation

  1. Acosta, M.D., Reed, M.H., & Watkins, J.M. Mechanisms of trace element oscillatory incorporation during near-equilibrium growth in the dead zone.

  2. Acosta, M.D., & Baumgartner, L.P. Forsterite precipitation dynamics in skarns: reaction overstepping in the Ubhebe Peak Cu skarn deposit. 

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